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Open Frame Solenoid - Pull

The open frame solenoid is the simplest from of construction of all the types of solenoids manufactured. Though the design is simple in construction, obtaining maximum performance requires the use of high permeable steel, and good quality manufacturing technology to assure the minimizing of air gaps in the metal frame assembly. Additionally, high quality coil winding techniques are used to maximize the number of coil windings that are housed in the allowable space.

Open Frame Solenoid - Pull
Model No. Outline       Body Dimension   Plunger Dia. Download
Data Sheet
MTO-0415L     MTO-0415L       8*10*14.65mm   Ø4mm PDF
MTO-0519L     MTO-0519L       13*16*19.4mm   Ø5mm PDF
MTO-0520L     MTO-0520L       13*15*19.4mm   Ø5mm PDF
MTO-0521L     MTO-0521L       10.7*12.45**20.1mm   Ø5mm PDF
MTO-0740L     MTO-0740L       14.4*19*39.5mm   Ø7mm PDF
MTO-0837L     MTO-0837L       20*26*36mm       Ø8mm       PDF  
MTO-1240L     MTO-1240L       24*30*40.7mm       Ø12mm       PDF  
MTO-1252L     MTO-1252L       37*41.5*52mm       Ø12mm       PDF  
MTO-1258L     MTO-1258L       28*34*57mm       Ø12mm       PDF  
MTO-1264L     MTO-1264L       30*38*63mm       Ø12mm       PDF  
MTO-1651L     MTO-1651L       41.3*48.8*50.8mm       Ø16mm       PDF  
MTO-2283L     MTO-2283L       52*58.5*82.5mm       Ø20mm       PDF  
MTO-2367L     MTO-2367L       52*58.5*67mm       Ø23mm       PDF  
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