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Push-Pull Solenoid

The small push-pull solenoid design utilizes a coil with the maximum amount of magnet wire in the smallest amount of space. This coil assembly is packed in a metal housing. Using highly permeable steel to obtain the maximum force in the minimum size and weight. The plunger design utilizes a magnetic flux to increase output force up to 20% ~50%. In general, the shaft is fixed on the plunger. The load is flexible to be connected either side of shaft. This small push-pull solenoid is very cost effective solution when small stroke are required and/or limited amount of electrical power is available.

Push-Pull Solenoid
Model No. Outline       Body Length   Body Dia. Download
Data Sheet
MTT-2425HL     MTT-2425HL       24.6mm   Ø24.5mm PDF
MTT-3033HL     MTT-3033HL       33.8mm   Ø30.3mm PDF
MTT-3034HL     MTT-3034HL       34.4mm   Ø30.3mm PDF
MTT-3234HL     MTT-3234HL       34.1mm   Ø32.3mm PDF
MTT-3317HL     MTT-3317HL       17.6mm   Ø33mm PDF
MTT-3418HL     MTT-3418HL       18.45mm       Ø34mm       PDF  
MTT-4932HL     MTT-4932HL       32mm       Ø48.5mm       PDF  
MTT-4937HL     MTT-4937HL       36.8mm       Ø48.5mm       PDF  
MTT-5349HL     MTT-5349HL       48.5mm       Ø53.4mm       PDF  
MTT-5637HL     MTT-5637HL       37.4mm       Ø55.5mm       PDF  
MTT-5638HL     MTT-5638HL       38.3mm       Ø56mm       PDF  
MTT-5932HL     MTT-5932HL       32.3mm       Ø59mm       PDF  
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