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Rotary Solenoid

The rotary solenoid’s design starts from an internal plunger flat face of push-pull solenoid. The rotary solenoid then incorporates the mechanical design principle of an inclined plane to convert linear motion to rotary motion. There are three uniform inclined planes (spiral grooves) that are stamped into both the body and the armature, call ”ball race”. The “ball races” provide both a means of converting linear motion to rotary motion and a secondary bearing system to support this rotary motion.

  1. The ball races are specially designed and provide a constant torque output.
  2. The rotary solenoid uses an enclosed coil and therefore provides maximum magnetic efficiency.
  3. The magnetic circuit is very short, so high efficiencies in terms of torque output can be obtained, and energize / response times a very quick.
Animation Demo - Rotary Solenoid
Item Insulation       Temperature       Insulation Resistance       Dielectric Strength   Operating
Temp. Range

Life Expectancy

  MTTR Series     Class B
      90°C Max
with heat sink

100MΩ/DC 500V
(at normal temperature
and normal humidity)

      AC 1000V, 50/60 Hz, 1 minute
(at normal temperature
and normal humidity)
    -20°C ~ +40°C     2,000,000
cycles or more
Animation Demo - Rotary Solenoid Product Lines
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