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Tubular Solenoid - Pull

The tubular solenoids are designed and manufactured to obtain the maximum force output with the minimum of weight and size. Features include a large force output in a small size, minimum flux leakage by design, and a low level of operational noise. The structure consists of a slender cylinder. The outside case is a high permeable steel to improve efficiency. Both pull and push type configuration are available as standard.

Tubular solenoid - Pull
Model No. Outline       Body Length   Body Dia. Download
Data Sheet
MTT-1632L     MTT-1632L       32.8mm   Ø16mm PDF
MTT-2551L     MTT-2551L       50.8mm   Ø25.4mm PDF
MTT-3257L     MTT-3257L       57.2mm   Ø32mm PDF
MTT-3855L     MTT-3855L       55mm   Ø38mm PDF
MTT-6075L     MTT-6075L       76.1mm       Ø60mm       PDF  
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